About GBI

What is GBI?

GBI or GBeasts Index is a score that represents the level that League of Legends players have regardless of whether they win or lose matches. The GBI, unique to each player, determines with a score from 0 to 100 how you play compared to the rest of the players in your league, taking the best ones as a reference. This rank tracks the matches you play in both SoloQ and FlexQ, specifically in your most played role.


To make this score, we use the Riot Games API and take all the statistics provided, along with a series of metrics and variables studied by us with analysts, coaches, and professional players, in order to get a representative scoring for each of the GBeasts users.


How accurate is GBI?

The score we give works by taking the best in your role as a reference, but also comparing you to all the other players in that same role. For this reason, this value can both increase and decrease depending on others playing, which is why we include a history of the GBI in profiles where you can compare yourself directly to the average of your league. For example, if new users who play your same role and are in your same division register and their statistics are better than yours, both your GBI and that of people who are below will be reduced.


Just as the ratings of some affect the others, a larger number of user matches also increases the accuracy of the rating, since the study sample is larger, and therefore the analyses will be more precise.


How do I improve my GBI?

Considering all the analyses present used to calculate the GBI, our artificial intelligence Agravain will give you personalized and individual challenges and recommendations, so that you know what specific aspects you need to improve if you want to become a better player and climb positions in the League of Legends ranked system.


Does queue dodging affect GBI?

No, GBI is only affected by what you and other players do during the matches. However, remember that ranked matches have LP penalties for dodging.